Why We Don't Hear About Journey's Steve Perry Anymore

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You can’t think of the classic rock band Journey without humming that karaoke staple "Don’t Stop Believin’" or other hits like "Separate Ways" and the slow dance song favorite "Open Arms." And thanks to "Don’t Stop Believin’" being used on Glee, an entire generation rediscovered the arena rock hit makers. But the voice behind those songs, Steve Perry, has been MIA for some time, both from the band that made him famous and from public life. Fans miss the artist who was so huge during in the ‘80s, he got to sing a verse in "We Are the World." So whatever happened to the singer who helped Journey hit the high notes? Let's find out...

Leaving at the top | 1:28
The reunion tour ended before it began | 3:51
Behind The Music got ugly | 5:03
Perry's permanent replacement | 5:56
Cancer | 7:52
Vocal fears | 8:39

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