The Ongoing Carnivore Adventures of The Fasting Fatman

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Day 29 of my Carnivore OMAD regimen

When we last left our hero:
The Fasting Fatman has fasted for 150 days, and did a 12 days refeeding regiment. After that he went on a Keto OMAD protocol for 60 days. Now he is on Day 29 of the Carnivore OMAD! Join him on the final leg of his journey to get down to 195lbs! He is the most interesting Fatman on earth!

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Below you will find the links to my social media handles, my popular video uploads, as well as other links concerning fasting that you may find interesting.

Angus Barbieri, the king of fasting, with his 382 days fast, was one of the major influences for my journey. I took the liberty of providing the link to the report his team of hospital Doctors provided.
Link to Angus Barbieri's Doctor's Report:

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