Miscellaneous Myths: The Journey Of Ra

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Hey, kids! You like snakes? Then have I got a mythos for YOU!

THE LAST TIME WE SAW RA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yygW6psCIM4

The sad thing about learning Middle Egyptian is the number of people who can actually read it is so small that I can't sneak in that many proper bilingual jokes. I can always trust that someone will be able to recognize the jokes or references I write in Japanese, but hieroglyphs are just esoteric enough that I can't assume the same here. (Also I'm not really willing to demean my knowledge of the language by writing english words in transliterated hieroglyphs, so here we are.)

That said, can you spot the Neverending Story reference encoded in alphabetic hieroglyphs? It's in there, I promise!

For bonus points, spot the obligatory Yugioh reference!

(Hey, patrons, sorry that the patron list at the end is outdated - I've had this video ready for like two months now ????)

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