[4K] Journey to the Center of the Earth Ride - Tokyo DisneySea 2016

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[Ultra Low Light 4K] Journey to the Center of the Earth Ride at Tokyo DisneySea. The attraction is located inside Mt. Prometheus on Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea. The ride track is similar to Test Track in EpCot and Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure.

If you guys have time, definitely visit Tokyo Disneyland Resort especially Tokyo DisneySea. It's really an amazing theme park in the world. Video doesn't do this ride justice. It must be experience in person. The best thing is the ticket to both parks are so much affordable. It costs way less to visit two Tokyo Disney parks than it's to visit Disneyland resort in California.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth is a slot car attraction at Tokyo DisneySea, based on Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth.
The attraction uses similar technology to Epcot's Test Track. " - Wikipedia

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